After ISIS Destroy Artifacts In Mosul, Iraqi Official Blames Israel

  • March 3, 2015

Dur­ing a Monday TV appearance on the pan-Arab satellite TV station AlMayadeen, Iraqi Deputy Min­is­ter of Tourism and Antiquities, Qais Hussein, claimed that ISIS’s destruction of ancient artifacts in the Iraqi city of Mosul is an Israeli conspiracy against the history of Iraq.

Qais Hussein

Qais Hussein

According to AlMayadeen, the Iraqi official “accused Israel of being behind the destruction and the looting of archaeological sites in Mosul, including the City Museum.” Hussein said, “Israel bares the primary responsibility in the vandalism of the archaeological sites.” He also claimed that the Iraqi government has evidence that antiques have been sold out and transferred from Iraq to Israel, stressing that Israel “is considered, today, a place to assemble the Iraqi antiquities, where some are kept while others are exported overseas to be sold at auctions.”

According to Hussein, Israel is behind these acts of destruction because of “the Torah and Jewish mythology.”

A number of Iraqi public figures have made similar absurd claims in the past few days regarding an alleged Israeli role in the destruction of Iraqi ancient artifacts on the hands of ISIS.

ADL has pre­vi­ously doc­u­mented several con­spir­acy theories, connecting ISIS to Jews and Zion­ists