Anti-Israel Demonstrations and Anti-Semitic Imagery at Protests Continue Across Latin America

  • July 31, 2014

At a demonstration in Mexico City, Mexico, a sign of the Israeli flag with a swastika was seen as well as a large banner reading “We Are All Palestine” with a swastika on the Star of David.

In Concepción, Chile, Juan Hazbun Readi, leader of the Palestinian Community of Concepción said at an anti-Israel rally that:

“We are concerned with what is going on in the Middle East. I would like to say to all the Chilean people (...) that this Holocaust has been going on for more than 66 years, it should end someday. It is not possible for Israel to fight against a defenseless people, with no army. They are accusing the Palestinians of launching missiles, but this is a lie. Palestinians have never come to this. They blame the most powerful army in the world to attacking civilians, they killed more than 100 people in 2-3 days. The world needs to understand that the Palestinians were invaded by Israel 66 years ago, and not just being invaded but Israel brought people from all over the world to occupy their land, to destroy their places, to take charge of their destiny, destroy their schools and in the end to kill everyone. I don’t understand (…) the international community falls because International Zionism has a lobby, not just the media but money, all of the world trade goes through their channels and that’s why the world does nothing, plays ignorant, stupid...”

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