Anti-Israel Protesters Call Israel “The Enemy of Humanity”

  • July 15, 2014

On Monday, July 14, 2014, there were at least five different anti-Israel demonstrations held in cities throughout the United States to protest Israel’s response to the latest round of rocket attacks from Hamas in Gaza. The Monday rallies featured signs claiming that Israel is “the enemy of humanity” and others that alleged that Israel is responsible for genocide.

Below is a round-up on some of the protests held on Monday:

Santa Cruz, CA

A few dozen protesters turned out in Santa Cruz for a rally sponsored by the Palestine-Israel Action Committee. The protesters were holding signs that stated “End all aid to Israel!” “Boycott Genocide Boycott Israel,” and “What Jewish Law Permits the Killing of Innocent Children?”



Cleveland, OH

There were hundreds of protesters present at a demonstration at Public Square. The demonstration, which was sponsored by the Cleveland Al-Awda chapter, featured signs that stated “Jesus was Palestinian,” “Israel is not an ally to the U.S. It is the enemy of humanity,” and “Stop the Genocide.”


Minneapolis, MN

The demonstration in Minneapolis, which was sponsored by the Minnesota Coalition for Palestinian Rights, included chants of “From the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, Palestine will be free!” In addition, signs such as “End Collective Punishment of Palestinians” and “Stop Funding Israeli terrorism” were visible.

A speaker at the rally also stated in Arabic that “Victory is near and liberty and justice are on the way. [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu and [Palestinian President] Mahmoud Abbas are the same thing. They are both dirty dogs. But soon we will liberate you from these devils.”


New York, NY

Twenty protesters showed up at a pro-Israel press conference carrying signs that stated “New Yorkers Stand With Gaza Against Israeli Genocide,” “Israel = Ku Klux Klan,” and “Palestinians are Freedom Fighters.” As speakers from the press conference, including elected officials, attempted to deliver their speeches, the protesters led chants of “Stop bombing Gaza now” and “Free, free Palestine!” to the point where the speakers could not be heard clearly.