Anti-Muslim and Anti-Immigrant Speakers to Appear at Religious Right Conference in Dallas

  • November 9, 2012

Kris Kobach ADL

Kris Kobach

The “ProFamily Legislative Network Conference,” which will be held in Dallas, Texas, next weekend, will feature one speaker with an anti-immigrant agenda, and a second who has vilified Muslims. Anti-immigrant lawyer Kris Kobach will reportedly speak on “Preserving the Sanctity of Our Elections: How to Stop Voter Fraud,” and Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who has a history of making anti-Muslim statements, will deliver a presentation titled “Never Surrender.”

The conference is being organized by WallBuilders, an Aledo, Texas-based organization that promotes the idea that the United States was founded on Christian precepts. Their conference, designed for state legislators from around the country, will address current public policy issues “in a manner that honors our Judeo-Christian heritage and the vision of our Founding Fathers.”

Kobach, the Secretary of State of Kansas, has drafted some of the harshest anti-immigrant laws in the nation. Kobach and the broader anti-immigrant movement often use allegations of voter fraud as a justification for attempting to pass voter-ID laws in states around the country. Though the anti-immigrant groups claim that non-citizens are voting in U.S. elections, there is little to no evidence to support those assertions, and the voter-ID laws passed in the name of defending against voter fraud disproportionately affect minorities.

Boykin, the former U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, is notorious for making controversial statements about Muslims, often voicing the conspiracy theory that the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the U.S. government. Boykin once stated that Islam “is not just a religion, it is a totalitarian way of life.” He went on to say that Islam “should not be protected under the First Amendment, particularly given that those following the dictates of the Quran are under an obligation to destroy our Constitution and to replace it with Shariah law.”

Over the past few years, the issues of immigration and Islam are increasingly becoming important topics of discussion at conservative and religious right gatherings such as the Conservative Political Action Conference and the Value Voters Summit. Kobach and Boykin’s planned appearances at the ProFamily Legislative Network Conference are just the latest example of this trend.