Anti-Semitic Arab Media Cartoons On Israel's Military Operation in Gaza

  • July 22, 2014

Over the past two weeks, newspapers across the Arab and Muslim world have published cartoons with anti-Semitic caricatures and themes relating to Operation Protective Edge, Israel's military action in Gaza targeting Hamas and other terrorist organizations for firing missiles and rockets into Israel. The cartoons have been predictably critical of Israel, which is portrayed as initiating an unprovoked attack on Gaza rather than reacting to attacks against its cities and towns, some of which has spilled over into anti-Semitism. These include the use of Nazi analogies, portrayals of Israel as a devious animal intent on killing Palestinian children and claims that Jews control the US and other international governments.

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Since early July 2014, Israeli cities and towns have been bombarded by over 1700 missiles, rockets and mortars fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza. In response, on July 7, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, an aerial campaign targeting Hamas and other terrorist leaders. Ten days later, on July 17, Israel expanded its military operation by sending IDF ground troops into Gaza in order to destroy Hamas’s infrastructure, including rocket storage sites and tunnels which cannot be destroyed by aerial attacks. Hamas smuggles rockets and other weapons into Gaza through its tunnels, and uses them to infiltrate Israel with the intention of killing and kidnapping civilians and soldiers.

For decades, ADL has monitored and documented anti-Semitic cartoons appearing in media throughout the Arab and Muslim world, in our ongoing effort to expose and combat the widespread anti-Semitism in newspapers, magazines and websites across the Middle East.

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