Anti-Semitism Persists Across Latin America

  • August 7, 2014

Numerous anti-Israel protests, anti-Semitic graffiti, statements and vandalism took place during the weekend of August 1st and were reported to ADL. ADL has been monitoring the responses and actions from Latin American countries since the start of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in early July, 2014.


In Posito, a neighborhood in Montevideo, Uruguay where many Jews live, a swastika was ‘keyed’ into the front doors of apartment homes where the perpetrator believed Jews lived.


In Ciudad de la Costa, Uruguay, an anti-Semitic inscription was sprayed on the beach that read “Jews, out of my country.”



In São Paulo, a yeshiva student was attacked when he was leaving the yeshiva, and vandals wrote on the outside of the Kiruv Achim synagogue “Nazi” with a swastika.


After a pro-Palestinian protest in Brasilia, an anti-Semitic poster with a Magen David = swastika was glued onto the Israeli Embassy’s indication sign.



At a protest held in Santiago outside the La Moneda government building, protesters were seen with a sign that read “shameful for Israel, they are worse than the Nazis, the whole world condemns them.”


Massive anti-Israel protests took place throughout Venezuela on August 2, and included participation and endorsement from various government officials. ADL has documented public statements and comments on social media by Venezuelan government officials, including President Maduro who called on the Venezuelan Jewish community to express support for the Palestinians and speak out against Israel’s military operation in Gaza. Statements by leading officials, followed by others in the media and in rallies, have compared Israel to the Nazis, and graffiti was spray painted on a Caracas subway station read “Do good to the country, kill a Jew.” Swastikas have also appeared in different parts of the city.

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