Arabic-Language Anti-Semitic “Jewish Encyclopedia” For Sale On Amazon

  • September 10, 2015

The Jews, The Illustrated Encyclopedia

"The Jews, The Illustrated Encyclopedia"

Unlike most encyclopedias, which attempt to offer unbiased content on a subject, the Arabic-language book, Al Yahood  Al Mawsua Al Musawra  [The Jews, The Illustrated Encyclopedia] by Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan states a different goal in its introduction: to help learn about Jews and “their wickedness, treason, and deception which they practiced with all nations so not to be deceived by them and by their promises of false peace.”

The book, which is currently available on Amazon for $53.00, includes classic anti-Semitic narratives, Holocaust denial, and other fallacies to defame Jews. The book dedicates entire sections to discussing how Jews control the media and politics, while another chapter explains how Jews exploit women.

The introduction of this encyclopedia includes 11 points described as “The Book Goals,” which summarize the anti-Semitic nature of this encyclopedia. For example, one goal is “to learn about the most hostile enemies of the Ummah [Muslim nation]” and to “prove with evidence that the Jewish faith, which was falsified, encourages them to betray and deceive. It plants in their souls that they are a unique group of humans and they are allowed to exploit others in the most wicked ways.”

Under a section dedicated to discussing the Holocaust, the encyclopedia states, “Through huge media and propaganda campaigns, the Jews used what happened at the hands of the Nazis, to a small number of them, to gain emotional and financial support from states around the world.” This section also claims the well-documented number of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust may have been greatly exaggerated, citing claims the number was not 6 million, but rather less than 20,000.

The encyclopedia’s first chapter about Jewish history concludes with a text box that summarizes,, “This demonstrates that most of the world’s nations couldn’t live in harmony with the Jews because of the low characteristics they carry, such as the ill treatment of others, deception, greed and voracity which keeps resurging over the ages.”

The Jews, The Illustrated Encyclopedia is not the only anti-Semitic book sold by online retailers such as Amazon. However, notorious anti-Semitic books sold online, such as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, are often sold with an editorial review, that explains the anti-Semitic nature of the book. ADL is currently in contact with Amazon regarding including a similar editorial review in Arabic for The Jews, The Illustrated Encyclopedia to contextualize the encyclopedia’s true nature to the Arab reader.