Cartoonist of Anti-Semitic Image Disinvited from White House Social Summit

  • July 12, 2019
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July 11, 2019


The White House invites, and then disinvites, an artist who drew a “blatantly anti-Semitic” cartoon to its social media summit. A high school principal in Florida was removed from his position after failing to acknowledge, in an email to a parent, that the Holocaust was a historical fact. Israel’s education minister is under fire after comparing intermarriage among diaspora Jews to the Holocaust.

Read on for more on these headlines, news you can use to fight hate, and the latest info about ADL from around the country.

1)    Cartoonist Behind Anti-Semitic Drawing Disinvited from White House Social Media Summit

“On Wednesday, Politico reported that Ben Garrison would no longer be attending a White House social media summit following complaints by the ADL and others that his Rothschilds cartoon from 2017 was anti-Semitic.” JTA: READ MORE

+ From 2017: Anti-Semitism Used in Attack Against National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster

+ ADL Resource: Jewish ‘Control’ of the Federal Reserve: A Classic Anti-Semitic Myth

2)    Principal’s Holocaust Comments Lead to Calls for His Resignation

“Emails surfaced over the weekend of a conversation William Latson, had with a student’s parent in April 2018. The email show Latson saying, ‘not everyone believes the Holocaust happened’ and that he couldn’t say the Holocaust a ‘factual, historical event.’ Miami Herald: FULL STORY

+ Press Release: ADL Calls on Florida Dept. of Education to Implement Holocaust Education Mandate

3)    Israeli Minister Says US Jews Marrying Non-Jews is “Like a Second Holocaust”

“Education Minister Rafi Peretz, of the United Right-Wing Parties, made the statement during a session on the state of world Jewry, where ministers discussed the global threat of anti-Semitism and other issues concerning diaspora Jews.” Haaretz: LEARN MORE

+ Jonathan Greenblatt tweet: Peretz remarks about intermarriage are “inconceivable.”

+ ADL Israel tweet (in Hebrew)


•    The fact that language dehumanizing others on the basis of religion now violates Twitter’s rules shows how far they have to go to truly combat hate…
•    NEW VIDEO: #AntiSemitism is on the rise in Europe, making many feel they need to hide who they are…
•    Encouraging news from Greece. The neo-Nazi, anti-immigrant party, Golden Dawn, lost over half its support in national election…


•    With antisemitism on the rise, criticism of Israel fuels political charges of hate (Detroit Free Press)
•    #JusticeforElijah posts call for Valley teen’s death to be treated as hate crime (KTAR Radio, Glendale, AZ)
•    SLCC hit with white supremacist propaganda again, experts say incidents on the rise (KTVX-TV, ABC Salt Lake City – Seth Brysk interviewed)


•    Hate Crimes Are Real and They’re Increasing (The Wall Street Journal – Jonathan Greenblatt Letter to the Editor)
•    We Analysed More Than 1 Million Comment on 4chan. Hate Speech There Has Spiked by 40% Since 2015. (Vice)
•    Qatar’s ‘big win’ in White House visit unlikely to bridge vast policy differences (

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