David Duke Admits that “Protocols of Zion” Is Fiction

  • March 12, 2015

David Duke, virulent anti-Semite and former Klan leader, is desperately promoting his yet-to be released book, The Illustrated Protocols of Zion. Duke’s book is based on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a well-known 19th- century forgery that purports to be a secret plan of Jews to take over the world. In a video about the book posted originally on Duke’s YouTube channel, Duke admits that the original Protocols is a work of fiction. He is taking a different tack than most anti-Semites who see the Protocols as an actual blueprint for world domination by Jews. While Duke declares that the original Protocols is a work of “literary fantasy,” he argues that his own version surpasses the original in documenting Jewish power.

Illustrated Protocols

David Duke's The Illustrated Protocols of Zion

Throughout the video used to promote the Illustrated Protocols, Duke claims that the elders of Zion are now known as the leaders of Zionism. He then goes on to assert that Jews control the government, banking, the media and Hollywood. Though Duke tries to present Illustrated Protocols of Zion as a ground-breaking work, the book merely rehashes the same anti-Semitic themes as Duke’s previous works. Like the original Protocols, the purpose of Duke’s book and video is to promote hatred against the Jews.

Though Duke has been promoting The Illustrated Protocols for months on his website in an effort to get it printed, he sent an “emergency” appeal for money to supporters this week. In the appeal, he claims that the Illustrated Protocols video posted on his YouTube channel was removed due to a Jewish conspiracy against him. He also claims that YouTube is going to terminate the “David Duke Channel” in 10 days.

In this latest ploy to raise money, Duke blames “Jewish extremists” for trying to prevent his books and videos from being seen, However, in reality, many of Duke’s videos remain on YouTube. Moreover, according to a suspension notice displayed on YouTube the original Illustrated Protocols video was removed from Duke’s YouTube channel due to copyright violations, not an alleged conspiracy. Duke uses numerous clips from movies and other media to exploit anti-Semitic themes in the video, which has since been reposted to YouTube by other users.