David Duke Exploits Gaza Situation With New Video

  • August 12, 2014

Former Klan leader and anti-Semite David Duke, presenting himself as a “peace activist” and an unbiased “historian” has created a new exploitive video on the war in Gaza. Duke uses the situation in Gaza to promote his own virulent brand of anti-Semitism and attempt to win sympathizers.


In the video titled, “Israeli Genocide in Gaza,” Duke accuses Israel of “barbaric” mass murder and genocide. He also alleges that the media and politicians are controlled by Zionists who purposely mislead the public.

Ironically, Duke claims to be a historian “who likes to expose hypocrisy, deception and manipulation.” Yet he uses all three to paint Jews as murderers, liars and thieves. Duke also represents himself as a champion of the Palestinians despite having been an active white supremacist for decades.

The real objective of Duke’s video, which has received almost 32,000 views on YouTube, is to demonize Jews and to promote the idea that Jews control America. At the end of the video, Duke exclaims, “Free Palestine and free America and free the world from Zionist lies and tyranny.”

In addition to the video on the situation in Gaza, Duke has been trying to raise money to publish “The Illustrated Protocols of Zion,” a version of the notorious anti-Semitic work that accuses Jews of a worldwide plot to control the world.