Egyptian Conspiracy Reveals The Jews’ Latest Weapon: Pepsi

  • October 24, 2013


Okasha's interpretation of the Pepsi ad in Cairo

The latest conspiracy theory coming out of Egypt suggests that Pepsi is owned by Jews and that the company is somehow being used to infiltrate the country. According to the conspiracy theory, Pepsi is an acronym for “Pay Every Pound for the Security of Israel.”

The absurd conspiracy theory recently surfaced on the Egyptian television talk show, Egypt Today. The program’s host, Tawfik Okasha, who is known for his opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood, said:

What is the corporation of Pepsi? It is one of the largest and most important corporations owned by the Jewish Zionists… the Torah of Ezra tells them [the Jews] you can’t enter heaven before you rule Egypt.

Okasha then mentioned a recent Pepsi ad campaign geared toward football fans in the streets of Cairo, saying that the ad is proof that Israel and the Jews are trying to infiltrate Egypt.

Okasha elaborated on this idea yesterday on his Twitter account, where he posted a photo of the Pepsi ad with circles around the jersey numbers of the football players. The numbers, according to Okasha, represent a coded message indicating when the Jews will bring back the Muslim Brotherhood to rule Egypt.

According to Okasha, “The motto of Pepsi corporation is Pay for Israel and its owners are Jews who support the Muslim Brotherhood…anyone who wouldn’t understand the [below] ad is stupid!!”

No conspiracy seems too ludicrous for those who seek to blame Egypt’s problems on the Jews.