Egyptian Prime Minister Attends Anti-Semitic Sermon

  • June 7, 2013


Dr. Alaa Abdulaziz, Egypt's Minister of Culture, speaks at anti-Semitic rally

Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil and other members of his cabinet attended an anti-Semitic sermon today at Rabiaa al-Adawia Mosque in Cairo. Dr. Salah Sultan, a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, delivered the sermon, which called the Jews “the enemies of God… The cursed ones.”

Sultan asked Muslims to be ready to fight the “sons of Israel” and called upon Christians to remember that Jews conspired to kill Jesus and accused his mother of adultery.

Sultan also made the preposterous claim that in the Talmud teaches that God created Jews from human sperm and the non-Jews from animal sperm” so that the non-Jews serve as animals to the Jews. He also criticized the culture in Egypt before the revolution because it recognized Israel and called for a correction in education about Palestine.

After the sermon, Egypt’s Minister of Culture, Dr. Alaa Abdulaziz, delivered a short speech to reiterate Egypt’s commitment to consider “Jerusalem a capital for Palestine.”

The sermon was part of Egypt’s commemoration of the memory of the Isra and Mi'raj, the night journey of Prophet Mohammed to Jerusalem. Other rallies also took place in Cairo to commemorate what many in Arab world consider the 46th anniversary of the occupation of eastern Jerusalem by Israeli forces.

In October of last year, ADL expressed concern after President Morsi attended a sermon, which featured similar anti-Semitism.