FAIR Advisory Board Member Promotes Racist Views in Anti-Semitic Paper

  • November 11, 2014

On November 9, the anti-Semitic publication American Free Press (AFP) published an interview with extreme anti-immigrant activist Frosty Wooldridge. Wooldridge is an advisory board member with the extreme anti-immigrant group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). He has often denigrated immigrants and Muslims in articles but his comments in the AFP interview reveal that he harbors beliefs that are prevalent in white nationalist circles.


Wooldridge began his racist rant by asserting that 100 million non-white immigrants will enter the U.S. between now and 2050. Wooldridge claimed these numbers mean, “Whites in this country are doomed.” Wooldridge then focused his attention on African and Muslim immigrants, stating, “America has imported seven million Muslims and Africans over the past decade.” He argues that “[t]hose who practice Islam hold no ethnic identity with English and European culture.” Moreover, he maintains that “… the African worldview is totally different than that of Europeans. Their culture is diametrically opposed to ours. That’s why so many blacks are in prison.” Wooldridge continued, “Due to a fatherless society that plagues the black community, many teenagers join gangs. But I guarantee you, amid this racial strife, there will be more riots in the streets that’ll make Ferguson look like a kindergarten party. As this occurs, our country, our ethos, language and civilization are all going down.”

Wooldridge bemoans, “It’s a multicultural morass. Blacks, Muslims, Indians, Hispanics and Asians don’t want to become part of mainstream white society.” He insists, “They prefer to remain separate,” concluding “we’re importing our demise as a civilization. The U.S. will become the victim of its own self-inflicted destiny.”

This is not Wooldridge’s first interview with AFP, a paper published by Willis Carto, one of the most influential anti-Semitic propagandists of the past 50 years. Nor is it Wooldridge’s only association with anti-Semites. Earlier in 2014, Wooldridge appeared on “The Jeff Rense Pro­gram,” a conspiracy-oriented Inter­net radio show. Rense broad­casts his show on his noto­ri­ously anti-Semitic web­site, which pro­motes a wide vari­ety of con­spir­acy the­o­ries, from UFO reports to imagined envi­ron­men­tal threats to alleged Jew­ish con­trol of the world.

In addition to Wooldridge, a number of other prominent anti-immigrant figures have granted interviews to both AFP and anti-Semitic radio shows over the past few years.

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