Farrakhan Broadcast Demonizing Jews Airs One Day After Receiving Praise in Detroit

  • May 22, 2013

One day after Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Far­rakhan delivered an anti-Semitic speech at the Fel­low­ship Chapel in Detroit and was praised by Detroit religious leaders, the NOI broadcast what appears to be a pre-recorded anti-Jewish rant by Farrakhan titled “Making Satan Known.”


The rant, part 19 of Farrakhan’s 52-week lec­ture series, echoes Farrakhan’s remarks in Detroit, where he characterized the Jewish people as “Satanic.” Farrakhan, who claimed in the May 18 broadcast that it is his job “to make Satan known,” asks “are we really a hate group or is it that you hate the fact that your lying, your trickery, your deceit, your meddling, your snooping, your troublemaking, your mischief-making, your murder of the human family will be made known?”

Farrakhan accuses his Jewish critics of abusing “your power to misuse, your power to mislabel with the media, your power with Black leadership, your power with Black preachers, your power with Black intellectuals, your power with Black sports and entertainment figures…will the real anti-Semite please stand up?”

“Look at what you’ve done to this country,” Farrakhan continues. “We can show how you rule Hollywood. We can prove how you are the king of the media. We can show and prove that you own most of the publishing houses, that you own most of the record companies that have these Black rappers in their filthy language saying things against their Black women and glorifying a life of crime and drugs. You permit it. We can show and prove that in your Hollywood, you place us in such a degraded state.”

“You are the master of segregation,” he adds. “You brought that to South Africa, you brought it to America and we have suffered under American apartheid which you sanctified by the Hamitic course…how dare you write us down as the hater when your life in America, your life in Africa, your life in the Holy Land is one of segregation, separation, hatred, murder, lying, and stealing land from the original Palestinians.”

Farrakhan also makes bizarre allegations of Jewish financial control of the United States by instructing his listeners to look for a hidden Star of David on the back of the one-dollar bill (image above). He implies a connection between this Jewish symbol and the Satanic symbol of 666: “the Star of David, 6 angles, 6 sides, of 60 degrees. Who are you?”

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