Fugitive Alabama White Supremacist Shoots Self As Police Close In

  • December 16, 2013

A fugitive and racist prison gang member from Alabama shot himself in Arkansas after leading police on a lengthy chase.  On December 8, Arkansas state troopers pulled over a vehicle linked to Lindsey Scott Carter, 44, wanted in Alabama on suspicion of murder.  The driver, a female friend of Carter, fled the vehicle, but Carter took the wheel and drove away. 

After a chase that wound through two counties in western Arkansas, troopers used traffic spikes to bring the vehicle to a halt again.  As the officers approached the car, however, they discovered Carter had apparently shot himself to death rather than face capture.

According to local authorities, Carter, from Paint Rock, Alabama, had shot and killed a woman on December 7 in what police believe was some sort of drug-related dispute.  Following the murder, a female friend of Carter (since arrested for hindering prosecution) allegedly provided the vehicle that Carter used to flee with a second female friend.  Authorities have not charged the second friend, the one who fled the vehicle in Arkansas, saying that she had not been aware of Carter’s crimes.

Carter had a previous criminal history and was a member of the Southern Brotherhood, Alabama’s largest white supremacist prison gang.  The Southern Brotherhood, which has a lengthy record of violence and criminal activity, began in 1995 in the Easterling Correctional Facility and subsequently spread to the rest of the state (it also has a presence in several other states).  It also has a biker gang subgroup, the Southern Brotherhood Motorcycle Club.

After Carter’s suicide, other Southern Brotherhood members passed the news of their fellow gang member’s death.  One Southern Brotherhood gang member posted to an on-line social networking website that “we lost a good Bro yesterday…Rest in Peace Scott Carter 14/23.”  The numbers “14/23” constitute a Southern Brotherhood numeric symbol that combines two concepts.  The number 14 is a reference to the so-called 14 Words, a popular white supremacist slogan:  “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”  The number 23 stands for the “23 Precepts,” a list of 23 rules that gang members are required to follow.

Similarly, another gang member posted that “We had a bro pass away yesterday…R.I.P. Scott Carter…14/23 19/2.”  The numbers 19 and 2 are code for the Southern Brotherhood, as S is the 19th letter of the alphabet and B the 2nd letter.