Hackers Directly Threaten Individual Israeli Citizens

  • April 2, 2015

As hackers proceed with OpIsrael, an annual anti-Israel cyber-attack campaign, AnonGhost, a prominent hacker group with an Islamic extremist agenda claims that they are sending some Israeli citizens threatening messages via various messaging apps including Facebook and WhatsApp. These messages include threats of violence, vile language, and anti-Semitism.


While these claims remain unconfirmed, AnonGhost claims it acquired a large amount of personal information about Israelis including phone numbers and Facebook accounts. The group distributed a list of more than two hundred Israeli phone numbers supposedly associated with WhatsApp accounts and promised that there are more numbers to be released on April 7, the official start date of OpIsrael. Anonymous hackers have also shared the list of WhatsApp contacts obtained by AnonGhost on their social media platforms.

Hackers have also shared what appear to be images of threatening messages they sent to Israeli citizens using Whatsapp, including “All your Private confidential details are in our hands, including your phone number/Your Home….we will kill you all of the Jews/Israelian.[sic].”

Other images show that hackers supposedly have made phone calls to threaten Israelis using the free calling feature on WhatsApp. It is unclear at this point what was said during the calls, but supposed screenshots of active WhatsApp calls indicate that this most likely is another tactic to intimidate Israelis.

Muhammed Nazmi (aka DonNazmi), one of the leaders of AnonGhost, posted images of what appear to be samples of messages he sent to Israelis. According to one  image, he initiated a conversation with an Israeli and once the Israeli responded, Nazmi sent a threatening message which included an image of an ISIS fighter with the caption, “We are coming O Jews to kill you.” Under the image, a message reads, “I am Donnazmi[blurred] from AnonGhost Team. Send This Msg to your GOV Israel you better get ready to be prepared #opIsrael 07/04/2015 is coming.”

Another image posted by Nazmi shows a message that includes what appears to be a personal family picture sent to a father with his children circled in red and a caption that reads, “I’ll stick a knife in their throats.”

Other hackers claimed that they hacked into Facebook chats with Israelis and posted images of conversations in which they injected comments such as “F**K Israel.”

As this campaign against continues, more Israelis will likely have to deal with such alarming messages.

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