Hackers Target Israel On Holocaust Remembrance Day

  • March 14, 2014

A hacker group known as Anony­mous Arab has announced plans to initiate a cyber-attack against Israel on Holo­caust Remem­brance Day (April 7). The campaign, called OpIsrael, is being promoted on multiple social media platforms in order to attract hackers from around the world.  


In a statement on the Anony­mous Arab Facebook page, the group threatened to launch “electronic attacks against as many Israeli websites as possible.” The group also threatens Israeli citizens: “Your credit cards, your bank accounts, your servers ... are ALL in a danger!”

Last year, Anony­mous Arab issued a similar warning around the same time to “wipe Israel off the Internet.” The warning was followed by a series of cyber-attacks against Israeli government, military and private websites, although with limited results.

The Facebook page includes tutorial videos on hacking websites. One post reads, “Guys who are experienced in the DOS Attack [Denial of Service Attacks], preparations must be made to attack the website of the Zionist Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” The post specifically mentions the Farsi language website of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Another post reads, “Now, Attack. Stop the service on the Israeli weapons website.” The post also lists tactical instructions and asks participants to hide their IP [Internet Protocol] so they cannot be tracked.

The past few years witnessed an escalation in cyber-attacks against Israel by various hacker groups from all across the Arab World. Hackers have also increased their attacks against the websites of Jewish institutions in the United States.

Hackers who target Israel often claim their attack is part of an electronic Jihad against the State of Israel in defense of the Palestinian people, but the timing of this campaign to coincide with Holocaust Remembrance Day demonstrates an anti-Semitic bent.

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