Help Take ISIS Videos Off WordPress

  • July 23, 2015

Ansar Khilafah promotes terrorist propaganda on WordPress

Screenshot from the site

The Anti-Defamation League contacted WordPress about a website it hosts that features hundreds of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) propaganda videos, statements and publications.

This particular website includes propaganda released by ISIS and other terror groups in English, French, Turkish, Dutch, Arabic and other languages. Among the hundreds of items on the site are beheading and execution videos, as well as videos and articles encouraging Westerners to travel to join ISIS or to commit attacks on its behalf in their home countries.

Help us urge WordPress to remove this website from its platform. Copy this URL and paste it into the WordPress complaint form. Mark it as "abusive" and tell WordPress that it’s NOT OK to support terrorist content.

The propaganda made available by this website comes from various ISIS media outlets, including Al Hayat Media, Al Furqan Media, Al-I’tisam Media and Ajnad Media. The site also has a section for ISIS’ English-language magazine Dabiq.

Ansar Khilafah blog on WordPress features ISIS propaganda

Screenshot from the site

Online repositories of terrorist propaganda are not new. In February 2015, an ISIS supporter created a website called IS-Tube. Similar to the WordPress site, IS-Tube provided access to an archive of searchable ISIS propaganda videos. IS-Tube was hosted on a Google-owned IP bloc, and Google quickly removed the site after ADL notified the company of its presence. Both IS-Tube and the Wordpress site appear to have originated in the Netherlands.

In July 2014, ISIS attempted to move its online presence away from Twitter – where its accounts were regularly shut down – to alternate social media platforms Friendica and Quitter. ADL publicized the move and Friendica and Quitter quickly removed all ISIS presence from their platforms.

If you come across such content on other platforms, the ADL’s Cyber-Safety Action Guide provides resources on flagging content directly with host companies.