Hezbollah Posts New Games Aimed At Youth

  • January 3, 2014

In a continuation of its effort to promote its hateful messages to children and cultivate the next generation of terrorists, Hezbollah has updated the video game website it originally created a month ago to include newer, more cartoon-like games geared toward even younger audiences.


The original games, released last month and still available on the site, enabled players to simulate Hezbollah operatives as they reenact various battles against Israeli forces. Since then, five games have been added:

  • Invaders Graveyard, featuring South Park-like cartoon figures, provides Angry Birds-style target practice against cartoons of Israeli soldiers attempting to enter Lebanon.
  • In the Heart of the Enemy has players aim missile-shaped darts at a Jewish-star shaped dart board.
  • House of Spider, described on the website as teaching that, “The Zionist enemy is weaker than the house of the spider,” involves aiming a soccer ball with a Jewish star on it at a spider web and at various prizes on the web.

The other two games, Liberation of Prisoners and Destroying the Enemy, were posted but not operational as of this writing.

This new set of games may not be the last. The front page of Hezbollah’s games’ website encourages user interaction, asking players to “join us” by emailing “if you have an idea for a game.”

Hezbollah has created a number of games geared at children throughout its history. In 2003, it began sell­ing a game called “Spe­cial Force,” which was fol­lowed in 2007 by “Spe­cial Force 2.”  The current website is the first to feature games for free online, and is specifically geared to “strengthen the culture of resistance” among children “ages 11 and above.”

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