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Hezbollah Re-Launches Apps; Blames ADL For Failure Of Previous Effort

  • August 16, 2012

Hezbollah’s smartphone application, launched at the end of July but promptly removed by Apple and Google, has been rereleased for the Android operating system and is “back on Ipad and Iphone,” according to Al-Manar, the Lebanese terrorist organization’s satel­lite tele­vi­sion sta­tion.


Al-Manar's English statement

In a statement issued today, Al-Manar says it is “back on Ipad and Iphone applications via alternative ways, following the campaign carried out by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League to deactivate Al-Manar applications on smart phones at Google Play and apple store.”

Al-Manar announced its new release for Android this past weekend and similarly blamed “the Jewish Anti-Defamation League” for launching a “campaign” to remove the original application from iTunes and Google Play. “Al Manar is back again. As we promised our audience, we found alternative ways to make our application available to be downloaded on Android phones,” the statement reads.

Following the removal of the initial application by Apple and Google last month, Al-Manar issued a statement describing ADL as “US based Jewish organization” that “monitors Israel related media especially in Arab and Muslim countries” and sends publications “to American politicians and Congress members.”

In an interview with Al Intiqad, a Lebanese news site, Mohamed Salah, director of Al-Manar’s website, said that Al-Manar “will spare no effort to respond strongly to this targeting.”

In an effort to avoid distributor policies and control, the new applications are downloadable directly from Al-Manar’s website, which is hosted British server. The website also provides instructions, along with screen shots, on configuring Android phones to accept applications “not sourced in Android Market.”

The appli­ca­tion directs users to var­i­ous sta­tion con­tent, includ­ing speeches by Hezbol­lah leader, Has­san Nas­ral­lah. Al-Manar broad­casts the ter­ror­ist group’s mes­sages of hate and vio­lence, dis­sem­i­nates anti-Semitic and anti-American pro­pa­ganda and glo­ri­fies sui­cide bomb­ings to mil­lions of view­ers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hezbol­lah is a U.S. des­ig­nated For­eign Ter­ror­ist Orga­ni­za­tion, and Al-Manar was listed as a “Spe­cially Des­ig­nated Global Ter­ror­ist” by the Depart­ment of the Trea­sury in 2006.

Extremism, Terrorism & Bigotry