Holocaust Denial Film In Myrtle Beach International Film Festival

  • April 24, 2014


Screenshot from "Off Your Knees, Germany!”

The Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, to be held in South Carolina April 23-26, 2014, is featuring a film about German-born Holocaust denier and anti-Semite Ernst Zundel.  Entitled “Off Your Knees, Germany!,” the documentary focuses on Zundel’s views and his two trials in Canada in the 1980s for “knowingly publishing false news” about the Holocaust.

Ingrid Rimland, Zundel’s wife and a fellow Holocaust denier, produced “Off Your Knees, Germany!” around 2011.  The film portrays Zundel as a victim of Jewish interests that allegedly conspired to deprive him of his right to express his views on Germany’s actions during World War II. In the film, Zundel denies that the Holocaust ever took place and claims that Germany has been maligned by Jews. He asserts that he is trying to reclaim Germany’s honor. 

Zundel argues in the film, “If I was a member of the Zionist lobby that has conned itself to a pinnacle of influence and power in this society based on victimhood that they were hardened by, by my German people in the Second World War, I maybe would also hate a guy like the Paul Revere of the Germans to come along and ring the bells of freedom.”

Although Zundel was found guilty of spreading false news about the Holocaust in 1985, the case was later dismissed due to procedural errors. A second trial in 1988 also led to a guilty verdict for Zundel, but he was released from prison pending an appeal. In 1992, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in his case and struck down as unconstitutional the law banning the spread of false news.

Zundel left Canada to come to the U.S. in 2001 to join Rimland. Since the mid-1990s, Rimland has been promoting Zundel’s writings and philosophy through Zundelsite, one of the earliest websites devoted to the rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler and the denial of the genocide of European Jews during World War II.

In 2003, U.S. authorities deported Zundel back to Canada on visa violations. Two years later, Canada deported Zundel to Germany, where he served five years in prison for inciting racial hatred and denying the Holocaust.  He continues to live in Germany since his release in 2010.

Rimland is promoting the Zundel documentary through a company she formed called Soaring Eagles Studio and Gallery, based in Tennessee. She is currently trying to raise funds for the company by requesting sponsors to help fund films, paintings and books that appeal to white supremacists and anti-Semites. The company says it plans to feature speakers, weekend seminars, exhibits, print publications, art and stage and video productions, all purportedly in the name of preserving and promoting European culture.