Inspire Magazine Highlights “Jewish Enemy” To Recruit Jihadists

  • May 31, 2013

The eleventh issue of Inspire, Al Qaeda in the Ara­bian Penin­sula’s English-language magazine, demonstrates how opposition to Jews and Israel remains central to its efforts to appeal to and radicalize its readers.


While hatred of Jews is intrinsic to Al Qaeda’s ideology, Inspire has identified Jews as a key force at war with Islam since it was first published in July 2010. Every issue of Inspire has been filled with either direct threats against Jews and Jewish institutions or diatribes against Jews and Israel.

For example, the bomb making instructions provided in the first issue of Inspire, which the Tsar­naev broth­ers allegedly used to build the bombs they used in the Boston Marathon, included references to “The Jews and Christians” that “have dishonored the Muslims, desecrated our holy places, and cured the beloved Prophet.”

The most recently released issue of Inspire, which cel­e­brates the April 15 Boston Bomb­ing and encour­ages future attacks against the U.S., further demonstrates how anti-Israel and anti-Jewish narratives are used to connect with the magazine’s readers.

An article titled The Inevitable by Abu Ziyad Al-Muhajir describes the “Blessed Boston Bombings (BBB)” as an “absolute success” and quotes Osama bin Laden thusly: “As you kill, you will be killed until you leave our lands and stop supporting Israel.”

In another arti­cle, titled Mes­sage to the Amer­i­can Nation by Qas­sim Ar-Reimy, the author asks, “Is your support for the Jews in Palestine excusable?”

The packaging of these narratives alongside other elements of Al Qaeda’s broader ideology in Inspire has helped influenced numer­ous inter­na­tional and domes­tic extrem­ists, some of which have also uti­lized the bomb mak­ing instruc­tions provided by the magazine in their attempts to carry out attacks.

The following is a sampling of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel narratives from the pages of Inspire:

Direct Threats Against Jews

  • “If you go kill a group of Jews or Christians after hearing that a pilotless drone killed a group of Muslims in Waziristan… if it were to be the case, that would stop the striking, killing, occupation, humiliation and disgrace of our holy places that America and the West perpetrates.”
  • “The short-term plan consists of targeting Crusader-Jewish interests, as everyone who attacks the Muslim ummah must pay the price…”
  • “Our martyrdom bombers are on their missions against Americans, Jews, Indians and Russians...”
  • On locations to target: “Media personalities and media centers that are leading the war against the Muslims and justifying the attacks on them, coming from the Zionist and Zionist-friendly Crusader media institutions.”
  • On locations to target: “Places where Jews are gathered, their leading personalities and institutions in Europe…”

Delegitimization of Judaism

  • “They were made to know that their religious practices were false, that Islam does not approve of either Judaism or Christianity, and that they are considered to be misguided and are destined to Hellfire.”
  •  “Allah has made it clear to us in the Qur’an that our worst enemies are the Jews and the polytheists.”
  • “They [the Jews] have the audacity to distort the word of Allah”
  • “Look at the Jews and Christians. They work day and night, sacrificing their wealth to serve their null religions.”

Israeli-American Conspiracies

  • “How many have the Zionist allies killed from the sons of Palestine with the support of these bloodthirsty beasts [the Americans]?”
  • “Al Qaeda is fighting the Jews and Christians and their stooges and defends the Muslims and the Muslim holy places.”
  • “America is the one who supports Israel in all of its crimes and its president prayed in front of the Wailing Wall and he declared his affirmation of making Al-Quds (Jerusalem) the capital of Israel in support of the jews in the judaization of Al-Quds.”

Destruction of Israel

  • “It is jihad to liberate all of Palestine from the river to the sea, Allah permitting”
  • “Today we are facing a coalition of Crusaders and Zionists and we in al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula will never forget Palestine. How can we forget it when our motto is: ‘Here we start and in al-Aqsa we meet’?”