International Book Fair In Saudi Arabia Features Anti-Semitic Titles

  • December 17, 2015


Advertisement for the Jeddah International Book Fair

The Jeddah International Book Fair in Saudi Arabia, which hosts more than 350 publishing houses from 21 countries, appears to feature anti-Semitic books for sale.

The book fair, taking place December 12-22, includes on its “Book Lists” works such as My Awakening: The Jewish Influence in the United States by the notorious anti-Semite David Duke. Duke’s book, classified as “Political Science” on the list from the Dar Alfiker Al Mua’sir publishing house in Lebanon, is listed for SAR53 (US$14).

Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which served as a blueprint for the extermination of six million Jews and millions of others in the Holocaust, is listed to be sold at the book fair for SAR45 (US$12). Classified as “History,” Mein Kampf, is on the list from Ibn Al Nafees publishing house in Egypt. A book titled Free Masons, The Jews and The Torahby Dr. Noman Al Samarayi, which promotes conspiratorial theories about a Jewish role in dominating the world, was listed for sale for SR8 (US$2).

The Jeddah Governorate, the Saudi Ministry of Culture, and a number of private sector corporations co-organized the book fair, which attracted more than 150,000visitors in its first three days according to the fair website.

Unfortunately, selling anti-Semitic books at book fairs in the Middle East is an ongoing problem. For example, another book fair in the region, the Doha International Book Fair in Qatar, which ended on December 12, also included anti-Semitic titles, such as the Arabic-language anti-Semitic Jewish Encyclopedia.

Featuring anti-Semitic titles in the right context may at times serve to expose their vicious nature. However, it is clear that in the case of the Jeddah Book Fair and several other book fairs in the region, such books are displayed to readers who may not be aware of the bigoted agenda behind such books. Including editorial language or contextualizing the books appropriately as hateful material is extremely important.

Over the past few years, ADL has documented the availability of similar problematic books at several book fairs in the region. Below are few examples:

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