Iran Friday Sermon Denounces U.S. Support for Israel

  • November 16, 2012

During his Friday sermon in Tehran, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami issued harsh criticism of U.S. support for Israel’s latest military campaign against Hamas in Gaza.


Khatami said “America’s arrogant regime has supported Israel’s crimes in Gaza,” noting that President Barack Obama responded earlier this week by supporting Israel’s right to self-defense against the barrage of rocket from Gaza. Khatami also described President Obama as “the evil president of America” that “interprets this as ‘Israel’s right,’” and that “it is for this reason the people of Islamic Iran chant the slogan ‘Death to America.’”

Khatami also said the “Zionist regime winds up” the Democratic and Republic parties like “puppets” behind the scene.

Khatami praised Hamas’s fight against Israel and used the pulpit to voice the Iranian regime’s support for the terrorist group, saying that “the Zionist regime’s prospects have darkened in the face of Gaza’s resistance …”

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