Iran’s Press TV Claims American Jews Are “Incubating Another Hitler”

  • November 13, 2013


Screenshot from Bhat's Press TV article

Press TV, Iran’s government-run English-language satellite news network, has taken its usual viciously anti-Semitic conspiracy theories a step further. It now claims not only that Jews are to blame for the Holocaust, but also that because Jews did not learn from their supposed wrongs in Nazi Germany that “American Zionists” are “incubating another Hitler.”

The November 9 article, “American Zionists incubating another Hitler,” was written by a Press TV columnist named M.I. Bhat, who also writes for the conspiratorial anti-Semitic website Veterans Today. The Press TV piece was additionally published two days earlier in Veterans Today under the title “Are American Jews incubating another Hitler?”

In both articles, Bhat claims that “American Zionists” control America’s “banks, Wall Street, media, Hollywood, markets, politicians, foreign policy, indeed the whole life of Americans.” The article also asserts that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were a “false flag” attack committed by “American Zionist Jews and Israel” to further their control of American foreign policy.

Bhat alleges it is “no more a ‘conspiracy theory’” to state that “American Congress and Senate, Governors and even City Mayors [sic] are totally and abjectly sold out, body and soul, to the American Zionists dollars.” He summarizes matter-of-factly that “America is enslaved by Israel.”

It is typical for Press TV to misleadingly present anti-Semites, both American and foreign, as serious and credible “experts” or “analysts.” Bhat, a retired geology professor from an Indian university, does not appear to have any credentials in the field of “international politics,” claiming only that such topics are his “main attraction” after geology.

Bhat makes no attempt to hide his conspiratorial thinking about the supposedly Zionist “Masters of the United States.” He claims this cabal controls “democracy itself” which has “been reduced to mere competition in securing Jewish funding and acceptance by Zionist media.”

Bhat does not stop there.

He alleges that Americans can trace “every misery” to “American Zionists banksters,” who spend their time “determining, dominating, and controlling every aspect of [Americans’] lives- social, moral, political judicial and economic.”

Bhat’s over-the-top conspiracy theories are actually quite typical of the anti-Jewish propaganda peddled by Press TV as legitimate news. However, Bhat then goes a step further, accepting the Nazi regime’s anti-Jewish conspiracy theories as historical fact and blaming the Jewish victims of the Holocaust for their fate.

He disturbingly concludes his article by implying another Holocaust is coming, this time to American Jews. Bhat writes, “how neatly this description [of how Jewish control and manipulation resulted in all of Germany’s ills] depicts the current state of affairs of the United States! ...Zionists don’t seem to draw any lessons from their past actions and experiences.” Bhat asks, “If description above [sic] of the post-WWI Germany is what led the Germans to rally behind Hitler, should it then surprise Zionists or the world at large if America pops up its own Hitler?”

The article also features an image of the Nazi regime’s battle flag in which the swastika has been replaced with the Star of David.