Islamic University Of Gaza Conference Promotes Anti-Semitism

  • November 4, 2014

A two-day international conference at the Islamic University of Gaza titled “Future of the Zionist-Islamic conflict in Palestine” included blatant expressions of anti-Semitism.


While very few details about the conference are available, one of the panels, according to the University’s website, was called “The future of the Zionist-Muslim conflict in light of ‘TheProtocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.’”

An Al Jazeera report on the conference, which concluded on Sunday, quoted one of the participants, Professor Riyadh Qassim, from the Islamic University in Gaza as saying that the defeat the Jews and the demise of the Zionist entity is a divine promise. Professor Qassim also reportedly listed 12 characteristics of “the Jewish personality” such as “absolute blasphemy in faith, thirst for blood shedding, treachery, violating treaties, manipulation, corruption on earth, and racial superiority." Such qualities, according to Professor Qassim, will lead to the defeat of the Jews and a victory for Muslims.

The University’s website also indicated that 23 research papers were submitted to the conference by scholars from around the world. The research papers reportedly propagated an Islamist perspective on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, to support the prediction of an Islamic victory over the Jews.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, who spoke at the opening session of the conference, expressed his pride in Moataz Hijazi, the Palestinian gunman suspected of the failed targeted terrorist assassination attempt of a Jewish man in Jerusalem last week.

The Islamic University of Gaza was founded by Hamas and includes various schools such as Medicine, Engineering and Islamic law. The University was targeted by Israel in August of 2014 because, according to a spokesperson for the Israeli army, the University “was a Hamas Qassam rocket manufacturing facility, an outpost, a center for weapons research and development, and a Hamas storage facility.”