Kinism: A White Supremacist Religious Movement Makes Gains

  • August 27, 2013

A racist and anti-Semitic religious movement called “Kinism” is attracting young white supremacists in their 20s and 30s.  The adherents of Kinism promote their own extreme version of Christianity, insisting that the Bible condones the separation of the races. Kinists believe that whites should live with their own ethnic kind or kin.


Although Kinists insist that they are not racist, their primary goal is to preserve the white race. Kinism originated around 2001 with a group of people associated with the neo-Confederate League of the South.  The religion gained more followers a few years later as adherents began publicizing Kinism on websites and blogs.

Today, young Kinists are using websites, blogs and podcasts to try to attract more people to the religion by promoting it as a normative part of Christianity that simply focuses on loving one’s own kind. Kinism may appeal to a growing number of white supremacists who are looking for a religious foundation to justify their racism and anti-Semitism.

For more information, see: Kinism: A Racist and Anti-Semitic Religious Movement.