Kuwaiti Officers Reportedly Force Two Arrested Men To Pose As Hitler For Photo

  • October 4, 2013


Two arrested men reportedly forced by Kuwaiti officers to give Nazi salute after mustaches shaved to resemble Hitler.

Two migrant workers arrested by Kuwaiti law enforcement in a recent raid were apparently forced by officers to pose for a photo giving a Nazi salute after having their mustaches shaved to resemble Hitler.

There is no indication that the officers, who apparently posted the photo on social media, were acting on behalf of Kuwaiti authorities.

According to the Kuwaiti daily Al Rai, the photo has caught the attention of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, which has issued orders to investigate the matter and to identify the officers.

Reports of this incident first appeared on Twitter on October 3 when Sara Al-Darees, a Kuwaiti activist, posted the photo on her twitter account. Al-Darees gained international attention in July 2013 when she was arrested on charges of Tweeting messages deemed offensive to the Emir of Kuwait.

According to Al Rai, three officers arrested two migrant workers during a raid on an alcohol production facility. Alcohol is banned in Kuwait.

While the behavior of the officers may be an isolated incident, it serves as a reminder of the pervasiveness of Hitler and Nazi imagery in the region. From smart phone applications to advertisements to blatant Holocaust denial, the ubiquity of such imagery contributes to the triv­i­al­iza­tion of and desen­si­ti­za­tion to the unpar­al­leled hor­rors of the Holocaust.