Mahmoud Abbas’ Official Website Features His Holocaust Conspiracies

  • May 6, 2014

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issued an important statement last week calling the Holocaust “the most heinous crime.”  We hope this statement will filter down into the Palestinian educational curriculum.


The moral clarity and impact of his statement, however, is obscured by the availability of books suggesting the Holocaust was orchestrated by some kind of Nazi-Zionist alliance on Abbas’ official presidential website

Eighteen books written by Abbas are available on his official presidential website in a section called, “A collection of Mr. President’s Books.”

In one the books, titled The Other Face… The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism, Abbas argues that Hitler “had the primary role in establishing the ‘Zionist Entity’ in Palestine” by allowing “Zionists to build a strong economy and providing facilities for those with capital so they can transfer their money to Palestine… without [Hitler’s support], Jews couldn’t leave Germany.”

He also claims that anyone who tries to explore this secret relationship will “face an end no better than the end of Adolf Eichmann,” a reference to the Nazi leader who was executed in Israel for his role in the Holocaust.

Another book written by Abbas available on the website is called, Zionism… The Beginning And The End. On page 97, Abbas wrote, “Zionism and Anti-Semitism are two faces of the same coin.” Abbas described a form of anti-Semitism called “Contracted Anti-Semitism” which he defines as Zionist leaders working with State officials in different countries to stimulate anti-Semitism in order to force the Jews to immigrate to Israel.

There is no better time than now for the bibliography to be removed from the Presidential website.

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