Massachusetts Lone Wolf Convicted Of First-Degree Murder

  • June 11, 2013


T.Correira/The Enterprise/GateHouse Media

On May 30, a Brockton Superior Court jury found Massachusetts white supremacist Keith Luke guilty of first-degree murder and related charges stemming from a January 2009 racially-motivated killing spree that was one of the most heinous of several high-profile white supremacist “lone wolf” attacks that year. He subsequently received two consecutive life sentences without parole, plus an additional 158 years in prison.

Luke shot and killed two women, immigrants from Cape Verde, and sexually assaulted and attempted to murder a third, on January 21, 2009. Following these killings, Luke led police on a brief chase before they apprehended him—which pre-empted a planned racially motivated killing spree directed at Jews and non-whites.  After his apprehension, Luke told police that he had planned to continue his murderous rampage at a synagogue later that evening.

Authorities charged Luke with two counts of murder, two counts of armed assault with intent to murder, aggravated rape, kidnapping, armed home invasion, unlawful possession of a firearm, and unlawful possession of ammunition. According to the police, during his interrogation Luke said that he had planned to kill as many “nonwhite people” as he could in an effort to “fight” for his “dying race.”

Luke was a lone wolf white supremacist, with no ties to any organized extremist group.  In the weeks leading up to the murders, Luke was a constant on-line presence, making racist comments, racially harassing other on-line posters, and especially viewing white supremacist videos on YouTube.  Luke viewed more than 2,300 videos in the two weeks before the murders.  Nearly all of the videos Luke tagged as his “favorites” were anti-Semitic or white supremacist in nature, with titles such as “Aryans Rise – They Seek Your Death.” Luke’s comments on various on-line forums were similarly typically extreme, such as “racial equality is a [J]ewish lie.” And “Hitler was right.  Fuck all non whites.”