Extremism, Terrorism & Bigotry

Matthew Heimbach Marks Return With Vicious Anti-Semitic Essay

  • August 13, 2014


Matt Heimbach

Matthew Heimbach, who took a three-month sabbatical from writing on the blog of the white supremacist Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN) that he co-founded, has returned with a virulently anti-Semitic essay accusing Jews of murder, world domination, and “cold-blooded cruelty.”

In May, after Heimbach’s priest rebuked him for his “racist and separationist ideologies.” Heimbach ceased most of his public activism. He did not write a single piece for the TYN blog until this week. His essay, published August 11, shows that Heimbach continues to harbor hateful views towards Jews.

Using the war in Gaza as a backdrop, Heimbach promotes anti-Semitic canards. He not only accuses Israel of committing genocide against Arabs, he claims that the Jews have murdered a number of Christians to seize power and undermine “the Church.” Heimbach uses the anti-Semitic writing of both ancient and modern Christian thinkers to justify his views.   He writes,

“Whether Arab, European, or any other type of Christian, we must stand united in resistance to the Zionist plague that is working to undermine and destroy the Church on both an institutional and an individual level.”

Claiming that he is viewing Jews “through the lens of Christianity and Christian prophecy,” Heimbach asserts that there is “a unity between those who struggle against the Zionist State and International Jewry here in the West and those on the streets of Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon.” He adds, “We face the exact same enemy, one who doesn’t care if they kill our women, children, and elderly. We are facing a truly Satanic enemy…”

Heimbach also alleges that “International Jewry and the Jewish State are dedicated to subversion, manipulation, and total control over the worlds [sic] finances, media, governments, and our personal lives.” He goes on to claim that Jews bribe people to “their folk and Faith and serve Jewish interests” and that these “traitors must be held accountable for their betrayal of our fold and swearing allegiance to the anti-Christ.”

Heimbach lauds the terrorist group Hezbollah as “friends and allies of both Christians and European nationalists who seek the same outcome, the destruction of the Jewish State and the end to the influence of International Jewry on the various peoples of the world.” He argues that Christians should take the lead to “defeat” Jews.

In addition to accusing Jews of nefarious acts, Heimbach asserts that their rejection of Jesus is the cause of their “wicked path.” This latest post indicates that Heimbach has disregarded his priest’s admonition about promoting extreme views, and has decided to post even more vehemently anti-Semitic rhetoric than in the past.

Extremism, Terrorism & Bigotry

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