Missouri White Supremacist Wounds Two Deputies in Shootout

  • October 11, 2013

Shawn Keith Nims

Shawn Keith Nims

Deputies with the Jefferson County Sheriff ‘s Department in Cedar Hills, Missouri, shot and killed white supremacist Shawn Keith Nims, 40, on October 11, following a seven-hour manhunt.

The incident began when a deputy, responding to a 911 hang-up emergency call, went to the home where the call was placed.  People in the home reportedly told the deputies the call had been a mistake. Deputy Nina Sims later returned to the home with another deputy, Michael Toombs. After being given permission to enter the home, the deputies began descending the basement stairs when they were allegedly ambushed by Nims and a shootout ensued.  Both deputies suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds and Nims fled the scene.

Members from multiple law enforcement agencies began to search for Nims and found him seven hours later as he attempted to jump from a window of a nearby home.  According to police, Nims was armed with an assault-style weapon.  The pursuing deputies fired at Nims after he allegedly refused to drop the weapon, fatally wounding him.

Nims had several neo-Nazi tattoos including an eagle clutching a swastika on his chest and a large swastika on his right shin. He also had a criminal history that included drug and theft charges.

This is the lat­est instance of a shootout between domes­tic extrem­ists and law enforce­ment. Just since 2009, 39 shootouts have taken place between law enforce­ment offi­cers and domes­tic extremists—including right-wing anti-government extrem­ists, white suprema­cists, domes­tic Mus­lim extrem­ists and oth­ers.  In those vio­lent encoun­ters, extrem­ists have shot 37 police offi­cers, 12 fatally.