Extremism, Terrorism & Bigotry

Music Videos Enhance Violent Anti-Jewish Messages Online

  • November 25, 2014

Songs and music videos using the recent wave of terrorist attacks in Israel to glorify the attacks and encourage more violence are part of a larger online phenomenon where individuals celebrate and promote terrorism through popular memes, graphics and videos.

Screenshot from "Runaway oh Zionist"

Screenshot from "Runaway oh Zionist"

An animated music video uploaded to YouTube on November 18 called “Runaway oh Zionist” is an explicit reference to the recent “run-over” car attacks in Israel.The song, preformed in Hebrew with Arabic and Hebrew subtitles, says, “Runaway oh you Zionist, Runaway…Minutes, and a car will run over you” and depicts a Jewish man singing about running away from cars. In the part of the video where the Jewish man gets hit by a car at a bus station and thrown into a cemetery, the lyrics are, “A car will attack you from each direction to give you a ride to the grave.” The song closes with “Runaway Zionists because you will be killed by all means.”

The video, which has received more than 98,000 views, was praised by Hezbollah’s media arm, Al Manar which stated, “the melody of this short video is very apt, and the animation is highly professional which indicates a quality boom for the ‘resistance’ art in the Occupied Territory [Palestine].”

Another song circulating online titled “Run-over this settler” is performed by a Palestinian duo. The song includes the lyrics “Prepare your ambush on the road, run-over them; may god help you.” It also praises Abdulrahman al-Shaloudi, the terrorist who rammed his car into a group of Israeli pedestrians last month, killing a baby and a young woman. One lyric says that he “Ran-over a Jewish settler…did it, with his limited resources, for his country.” The lyrics also callupon Palestinians to “wait for them at the intersection, let the settler sink in the red blood. Terrify them don’t be merciful.” Jordan-based Al Yarmuk satellite TV station aired the song on its channel as well.

Various YouTube users have created their own videos and made use of this song as well, bringing the total number of views for this song to more than 260,000.

Similar user generated content began circulating online within min­utes of the bru­tal ter­ror attack that killed five peo­ple in a Jerusalem syn­a­gogue. In addition to those images and car­toons glo­ri­fy­ing the attack, another song, titled “The one who knocks the door will hear the answer” was uploaded to YouTube by the popular Palestinian singer Qasim Al-Najar. The song received more than 154,000 views in the first several days. The song’s lyrics urge Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu “to collect his Rabbis,” warning that when Jerusalem revolts it will slaughter the settlers.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which claimed responsibility for the Synagogue attack, also released a video on YouTube titled “With a butcher’s knife, a gun, and an Iron will.” The song says “oh settler, this is your destiny…your death is inevitable.” The song also praises the Popular Front and describes its members as “walking in defiance over death and slaughtering them [Israelis] like sheep.”

The PFLP’s song has attracted only 5,800 viewers on YouTube, which further attests to the significance of user generated content to spread messages of violence and anti-Semitism.

Extremism, Terrorism & Bigotry

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