Muslim Brotherhood Marks Nakba Day With Contemptuous Anti-Israel Statements

  • May 17, 2013


Mohammad Badie's article

As Palestinian supporters across the Middle East were demonstrating in commemoration of the nakba, the Arabic term meaning ‘catastrophe’ used to refer to Israel’s establishment in 1948, the Muslim Brotherhood and its General Guide Mohammad Badie issued statements to their followers laced with contempt for Israel and Jews.

In a commemorative statement on its English-language website, Israel is described by the Brotherhood as a “hostile terrorist racist expansionist monstrosity” that “constantly and actively works to Judaize Jerusalem and other Palestinian territories,” with assistance from the U.S. and West.

Mohammad Badie wrote in his weekly Arabic-language newsletter a piece titled, “Palestine … the Soul of the Islamic Nation.” In the article, Badie warns “Zionists to stop playing with fire by insulting the Al Aqsa by defiling and entering the mosque to sing and play in its courtyard.”

Badie also described the nakba not as an event that only affects Palestinians, but one that has been felt across the Arab and Muslim worlds. Badie characterized Israel’s creation as “the memory of confiscating land and property, and insulting Muslim and Christian holy places in the Holy City [Jerusalem]; in short, it is the memory of the invasion, rape and occupation of a sacred and blessed place in the Muslim and Arab abode.”

He went on to urge believers to “liberate the homeland from the filth of the brutal Zionist occupation, which is backed by the Western forces that claim freedom and human rights.”