Nation of Islam: Why No Jews In Spielberg’s Lincoln?

  • December 6, 2012

With the release of Steven Spielberg’s new movie, Lincoln, the Nation of Islam (NOI) has found another opportunity to promote its anti-Semitic book, The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, which alleges disproportionate Jewish involvement in the slave trade.

Contrary to the established historical record, the NOI’s article, “Spielberg’s Lincoln: Plenty of Negroes, But Why No Jews?” says Spielberg “suspiciously ignores the critical role played by his own Jewish people in the War Between the States…This is not an oversight…[but] to ensure that his race is represented with dignity and respect.” The article explains Spielberg’s alleged motivations, saying that he “wants to reinforce the fiction that a single document [the 13th Amendment] exonerated America and ended forever a system by which his people grew so wealthy.”

The article was first published by the NOI Research Group, which maintains a website created in March of this year and promotes virulently anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that blame Jews for everything from perpetrating 9/11 to bringing on Hurricane Sandy’s destruction as divine punishment.

Consistent with NOI leader Louis Farrakhan’s allegations about Jewish control of Hollywood, the NOI Research Group’s article suggests that Steven Spielberg has purposely crafted the film Lincoln to overlook Jewish involvement in what it calls “the Black Holocaust.”

Not only does the NOI hold Jews disproportionately accountable for slavery, but it also claims that Blacks today continue to be slaves to Jewish control of a number of industries. This article, for example, describes the “Talmud-based system that replaced slavery in America” which allowed “slavery to continue unabated in other forms” after the 13th Amendment. Other recent articles in NOI’s newspaper The Final Call  have made similar claims, such as alleging Jewish control of Black politicians including President Barack Obama, as well as a “slave/slavemaster relationship between Black entertainers and entertainment executives who happen to be Jewish.”