Neo-Nazi Erich Gliebe Wants Supporters To Join Cultural Clubs

  • November 22, 2013


Old National Alliance flyer

Erich Gliebe, the head of the nearly defunct National Alliance, not only did away with the neo-Nazi group’s membership, he now advises supporters to join traditional European cultural clubs, have fun, and not focus on National Socialism. 

In the Alliance’s latest bulletin, Gliebe argues once again that the old methods of attracting people to the white supremacist movement are not working. He asserts that the Cleveland unit of the National Alliance was the group’s only successful chapter because it attracted people not by talking about the white race facing extinction but by hosting cultural events.

Gliebe insists that the only way to preserve the white race in today’s climate is to encourage people to do things they enjoy and to promote “ethnic pride.” Thus, he lists German and Scandinavian dance groups across the U.S. for people to consider joining.

After Gliebe’s unsuccessful leadership of the Alliance, he appears to be turning away from group’s core ideology as espoused by its founder William Pierce in his novel, The Turner Diaries. In the book, Pierce advocated a world takeover by an all-white army that systematically exterminated blacks, Jews and “race traitors.” Many white supremacists still consider the book required reading for people in the movement. Pierce also believed in recruiting people to the Alliance by distributing their propaganda in suburban neighborhoods and at events like gun shows.

Gliebe argues that some people would like to see the National Alliance carry on policies that don’t work, like promoting swastikas and Hitler and talking about Jews. He clearly believes that the Alliance’s former recruitment strategies no longer have the ability to attract followers so he advises supporters to not distribute white supremacist literature at European cultural events but to “be positive and have fun” and bring along the family.