New Black Panther Head Malik Zulu Shabazz Promotes Anti-Semitism On Campus

  • May 28, 2013


Malik Zulu Shabazz at Georgia State

New Black Panther Party (NBPP) chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz has resorted once again to promoting anti-Semitic conspiracies; this time during his recent visits to two Georgia university campuses.

During his “Role and Responsibility of the Black Student college tour,” which consisted of an April 25 lecture at Clark Atlanta University and an April 26 talk at Georgia State University, Shabazz invoked anti-Semitic themes of Jewish financial control and manipulation, claiming that Blacks have “been cheated out of [their] divine destiny by a cheating system, and a cheating people who have cheated us.”

Shabazz claimed that he had “shocking and revealing information” regarding “white Jewish entertainment firms who control our artists... Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson and Beyonce and all of them.” He also discussed “pulling a cover off of the so-called Jews who are exploiting our people,” implying Jewish and white control of Howard University, referring to “puppet masters” that set up traditionally Black colleges “to produce a subservient student.”

In a digression about fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who Shabazz mischaracterizes as a diamond merchant, Shabazz asked the audience for “the big Jewish guy’s name that sells the diamonds” and then admonished rappers, referring to them as “high paid slaves,” to “stop jocking Jacob and come to Africa and get your own diamond mine.”

Shabazz also used his platform to deny Jewish history saying, “The original Jew is not Shimon Peres. The original Jew is not Bibi Netanyahu. He is an imposter. The Jew and so-called Israel is an imposter…I guess they’ll say that’s anti-Semitic, but truth is truth.”

During the campus visits, Shabazz, along with NBPP Atlanta Chairwoman Nadia Assata Shakur, pitched the student audiences to become more involved with the NBPP and encouraged them to stay in touch by texting their information to the party in order to learn about the “benefits to being part of us” such as organized trips to Africa. There appeared to have about a dozen or fewer students in attendance at each visit.

On that note, Shabazz also announced the formation of a “new Black travel agency” which he hopes to use to take “at least one thousand” NBPP members to visit Africa starting in June 2014. This announcement comes after a delegation of NBPP leaders returned from South Africa and Zimbabwe in March with plans to expand NBPP’s international activity and outreach.

According to Shabazz, the tour was partially sponsored by Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine.