New Black Panthers Respond To King Samir Shabazz’s Arrest

  • July 1, 2013


Photo from Shabazz's Facebook profile

Following the arrest of New Black Panther Party (NBPP) National Field Marshal King Samir Shabazz for allegedly carrying a loaded, unlicensed firearm and illegally wearing body armor, the NBPP is claiming that Shabazz’s arrest is part of an “onslaught of attacks against the New Black Panther Party…to derail the upcoming Million Youth March 15 year Anniversary.”

The “massive rally,” planned for September 7 in Harlem, is part of a larger event (September 5-8), which the NBPP is calling the “National Black Family Convention.”

On July 1, the group plans to hold the "Stop the Attack on the Million Youth March: Free King Samir Shabazz Support Rally" at Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem. According to the NBPP website, the event will feature New York City Coun­cil­man Charles Bar­ron and Pro­fes­sor Leonard Jef­fries of the City Col­lege of New York as keynote speakers.

In a recent online radio broadcast, National Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz told Jerry Jackson, Chief of Staff of the NBPP’s Philadelphia chapter, to refrain from rhetoric calling for violence after Jackson, in a discussion about King Samir’s arrest, stated, “it’s a good day to slap a cracker. It’s a good day to put a cracker in your trunk!”


Photo from Shabazz's Facebook profile

Despite Malik Zulu’s Shabazz’s attempt to have NBPP leaders “say less than what you think,” he has not made any effort to curb their egregiously racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric. In the very next NBPP online broadcast, National Chief of Staff Hashim Nzinga claimed that Jews conspire to promote a negative image of Black youth through their supposed control of the media.

Nzinga stated, “We don’t own the Jews’ news, and the Jews are not the friends of the African in America.” He continued, “the Jews’ news...shows us before the world looking like damn fools.” Nzinga explained that this will be a theme for the rally in September, during which the NBPP will call on its supporters to boycott the companies that “continue to help the Jews’ news make our youth look like buffoons before the world.”