New Terrorist Video Rails Against Jews

  • June 3, 2014

The Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS), a terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq previously associated with Al Qaeda, released two videos and a magazine in the last several days aimed at recruiting terrorists. These media, which were first made available via Twitter, are the latest examples of a fast-growing

Rabbis are humiliated

trend involving terrorist propaganda online that is aimed at westerners.

One of the videos, titled “Ya Junud Al-Haqq Hayya,” which translates as “Soldiers of the just cause, let’s go!” is particularly noteworthy for its use of threats against Jews and Christians to rally the troops.

Against a backdrop of pictures of ISIS militants, the video features an Arabic song while the English translation splashes in red against the images. After a call to “rally all the troops,” the first verse concludes with the line, “Wherever our war goes, Jewish rabbis are humiliated.” Following a chorus, the second verse then begins, “Break the crosses and destroy the lineage of the grandsons of monkeys,” probable references to Christians and Jews.

The video comes at the same time as French officials claim that Mehdi Nemmouche, the alleged perpetrator of a shooting at the Jewish museum in Brussels that killed three people, may have fought with ISIS while in Syria last year.

The other video released features an ISIS member who is apparently a European recruit singing in German about victory for ISIS and the imposition of Islamic law on an Islamic state. It claims to be the first of a series of short videos aimed at Westerners called “Mujatweets.”

Anti-Semitism is often used by terrorists groups in their propaganda to appeal to and rad­i­cal­ize followers. For example, Inspire magazine, the English language magazine released by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, is filled with either direct threats against Jews and Jew­ish insti­tu­tions or dia­tribes against Jews and Israel.

The magazine released by ISIS is in English and is designed as a news magazine, featuring images of recent ISIS accomplishments in Syria along with captions and brief descriptions. All three releases highlight ISIS’s continued attempts to attract and recruit Westerners and demonstrate the integration of Western recruits in their organization, while simultaneously highlighting the organization’s strength.