OnIslam Publishes E-Book Denying Jewish Connection To Holy Land

  • May 10, 2013

An Egypt-based website that provides religious guidance to Muslims worldwide has released an e-book called “Timeline of Jerusalem (Al-Quds)” that denies any connection between Jerusalem and Jews and depicts Israel as a state created through ethnic cleansing.


The e-book is available on OnIslam.net, which is affiliated with radical Muslim Brotherhood cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Released in March 2013, the e-book contains three chapters: “Early History,” “Creation of Israel,” and “Systematic Judaization of Al-Quds.” In the “Early History” section, the booklet describes the Hebrew invasion of the Land of Canaan as “genocidal massacres against the native Canaanite tribes.”

Similarly, in the section titled “Creation of Israel,” Israel’s establishment is characterized as “a wave of genocidal massacres against Palestinians. Many notorious massacres were cold-bloodedly committed in Palestinian cities, such as Dir Yasin, Tantura, and Dawaymeh.”

The section on the “Systematic Judaization of Al-Quds” describes Jewish visits to the Temple Mount as provocations by “Talmudic-minded settlers, who conduct Talmudic rituals and call for the demolition of Islamic shrines in Jerusalem.”

The author of the e-book, Khalid Amayreh, a Hebron-based Palestinian journalist with ties to Hamas, attempts to establish an exclusively Arab and Palestinian historical identity for Jerusalem’s ancient occupants. Amayreh previously produced an e-book titled, “The Nazis of our time: The creeping Israeli genocide against the Palestinians.”

OnIslam frequently features articles on Qaradawi and publishes fatwas expressing support for “martyrdom operations,” or suicide bombings against Israel. The site also includes articles and religious rulings supporting violence against homosexuals, as well as anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content.

For example, a March 2013 fatwa by Maher al-Huli, the head of the fatwa department in the Palestine Scholars Association, was published on the website, ruling that non-Palestinian Muslims should not travel to visit the Al Aqsa mosque “while it remains captive by the state of the Jews.” The website also has a portal dedicated to the issue of homosexuality, which contains several articles denouncing homosexuality as “sexual perversions” that “spread corruption on earth.”

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