Overland Park Shooting Suspect Admired “Lone Wolf” Killers

  • April 16, 2014


Glenn Miller on Joseph Paul Franklin

Following deadly shootings at Jewish institutions in Overland Park, Kansas, on April 13, 2014, Overland Park police soon arrested a suspect, Frazier Glenn Cross (more commonly known as Frazier Glenn Miller or simply Glenn Miller). A new ADL report reveals disturbing new details about his recent activities.

Miller is a long-time white supremacist whose extremist career spans decades.   In recent years, Miller was active on the white supremacist discussion forum Vanguard News Network (VNN), making over 12,000 posts to that site.  He expounded racist and anti-Semitic views on a variety of subjects, but during 2009-2013 Miller repeatedly made posts related to one rather disturbing theme:  support for lone wolf white supremacists who had committed violent acts.

One lone wolf terrorist Miller admired was James Von Brunn, the 88-year-old white supremacist who opened fire at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in June 2009, killing a security guard.  Miller also approved of Wade Michael Page, the white supremacist who embarked upon a deadly shooting spree at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in 2012.  “Many thousands of would-be mud [i.e., non-white] immigrants…will decide not to come [after Page’s attack],” Miller wrote shortly thereafter.  “Is that good or bad for white folks?  See?”

Another white supremacist murderer Miller admired was Keith Luke.  In early 2009, Luke embarked upon a murderous rampage in Brockton, Massachusetts, killing two West African immigrants and shooting and raping a third.  Luke allegedly planned to attack a synagogue that evening, but police caught up to him before he could carry out the final act of his spree.  In early 2010, Miller described Luke as “a super courageous young white man with the guts to act, as opposed to yellow cyber-space [white nationalists] who only type, anonymously.”

When Norwegian extremist Anders Behring Breivik committed bombings and shootings in July 2011 that killed 77 people, mostly children, Miller imagined an American equivalent.  “If some enterprising American fellow went to a youth camp in the Catskills, Camp David, or Martha’s Vineyard,” he wrote on the VNN forum that same month, “and ‘sprayed’ some young’uns belong to our immigrant-loving JOG [Jewish-Occupied Government], I dare say I might not lose a whole lot of sleep…I just might sleep even better than my norm, possibly with a wide grin on my face.”

However, if there was one murderer whom Miller particularly looked up to, it was Joseph Paul Franklin, the white supremacist serial killer and death row inmate who in the 1970s hadcommitted a number of murders and bombings against African-Americans, Jews, and interracialcouples.

In August 2009, Miller proclaimed that Franklin was “one hell of a [white nationalist].”  Millersoon actively urged other white supremacists to support Franklin—whom he dubbed a “martyr”—by writing him, sending him money, and other measures (including bribing guards).  In early 2010, Miller announced on the VNN forum that he had received a letter from Franklin, “this living [white nationalist] legend.”

By September 2013, just months before Franklin’s scheduled execution date, Miller and Franklin had established a relationship, with Franklin making regular phone calls to Miller.   Miller energetically tried to raise money for Franklin and to promote his reputation.  Franklin, he claimed in a September 29 posting to VNN, was “the most courageous American warrior for our race in our lifetime.”  Two days later, Miller called Franklin, “a lone wolf hero.”

Miller even tried to put himself into Franklin’s head when describing some of Franklin’s violent actions:  “This one in one-hundred-million white man, in total self control, cool and confident in himself and his Aryan abilities, does not run away to safety.  No, no, no.  He calmly pulls over, confronts the n-----, and blows his black ass away, and the white assed, n-----loving bitch, too, AFTER relishing, up close and personal, the terror in their eyes.  And then, and only then, he calmly drives away while planning his next hit.”  For a select few, Miller said in a different posting, “it’s what makes life worth living.”

On November 20, following Franklin’s execution, Miller announced his death, then proclaimed that “Joseph Paul Franklin, martyr, is born and will live forever in the hearts and minds of strong, loyal white men, women, and youth.  Hail Joseph Paul Franklin!!!”

Five months later, Frazier Glenn Miller allegedly embarked upon his own killing spree in Overland Park, Kansas.