Pick-Up Artist Roosh V Moves from Misogyny to Anti-Semitism

  • May 15, 2015

Roosh Valizadeh, otherwise known as “Roosh V,” a misogynist who rails against feminism and teaches men how to “pick up” women, has fully embraced anti-Semitism on his blog, “Return of Kings.” In a posting on the blog in early May, Valizadeh promoted the work of Kevin MacDonald, a leading anti-Semite in the U.S. and a retired professor who is touted by white supremacists around the world.

Roosh Valizadeh

Roosh Valizadeh

Valizadeh quotes extensively from MacDonald’s anti-Semitic book, The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements. The book claims that Jews controlled various intellectual and political movements with the purpose of promoting Jewish interests. It also asserts that Jews purposely encourage movements that hurt non-Jews and increase Jewish influence and status. MacDonald alleges that Jews have promoted left-wing ideologies that have been destructive to Western culture.

In his blog, Valizadeh makes it clear that MacDonald’s views mesh with his own. Valizadeh writes that he has wondered why Jews are involved in leftist movements such as socialism, communism and feminism. A graphic accompanying the blog depicts Jewish women with Stars of David by their faces and the title, “Feminism: A Jewish War on Women.” He apparently blames Jews for feminism, which he asserts is “an ideology that developed with disproportionate Jewish support.” He adds that The Culture of Critique connected “a lot of dots I had missing about why our culture got to where it is. The bulk of what I criticize about Western culture was in fact ushered in by intellectual Jewish movements.”

At one point in the blog, Valizadeh says that he wondered if reading MacDonald’s book would turn him into a neo-Nazi “but instead it served as a historical truth bomb that has made me skeptical of the ideas, behavioral actions, and teachings of prominent Jews and where their true intentions and loyalties lie (i.e. if an American Jew would die for America before Israel).” He also asserts that it “amazes” him “how methodical, patient, and determined Jews are in promoting their group interests.”

Valizadeh is primarily known for disparaging women and for writing a series of books on how men can have sexual exploits with women in various countries. Now, he has embraced another form of extremism by meshing his misogyny with anti-Semitism.