Take Action: Anti-Semitism is Escalating in Europe

  • June 17, 2019

Alarming reports from Europe show sharp increases in violent anti-Semitic incidents. Europe is facing a shocking rise in anti-Semitism — driven by right-wing nationalist extremism, institutional anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in left-wing political parties, and rising violent Islamist radicalization. This triple threat breeds anxiety across European Jewish communities. Furthermore, a recent CNN poll found that a third of Europeans knew little to nothing about the Holocaust and 51% percent of Germans think Jews talk about it too much.

We cannot turn our backs on the vulnerable communities experiencing this alarming trend. We must declare our solidarity with the Jewish communities in Europe as anti-Semitism rises, and the memory of its worst consequences fades. Join ADL and others from across the United States to tell the Jewish communities in Europe that we are horrified by this escalation and we support them.

Show Your Solidarity With Jewish Communities in Europe

We, the undersigned, will support and advocate for Jewish communities in Europe, especially as anti-Semitic incidents have escalated alarmingly.