White Supremacists Angry About Alleged Demise of White Race

  • by:
    • Marilyn Mayo
  • July 8, 2015

Claiming that they are an endangered species accounting for a mere 9% of the world’s population, white supremacists are reacting with anger to what they view as societal focus on creating white guilt and hatred against white people, white heritage and Christianity.

endangered species

The hype spreading through their ranks warns of their “cultural cleansing” and ultimately “white genocide.” This rhetoric is not based on any new concepts, but there are some new irritants that are galvanizing white supremacists and revitalizing their notion that without action the white race is doomed to extinction.

The most recent irritant stems from the revelation that racist Dylann Storm Roof, the alleged murderer of nine black parishioners at a Charleston, South Carolina church, used the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate.

White supremacists are incensed over the recent nationwide movement to rid public parks and buildings, license plates, and retail stores of Confederate flags after the Charleston shooting. One Klan group is planning a July rally to protest of the removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s Statehouse.

In addition to white supremacists’ mounting frustration over public disdain for the Confederate flag are the numerous petitions and efforts to rename dozens of parks, bridges and university buildings which are named after confederate soldiers and/or Klansmen.

The frustration over these attempts is not new. In 2013, approximately 75 white supremacists protested the renaming of three Memphis, Tennessee, parks previously named in honor of the Confederacy, its leader, and a Klan leader. This protest demonstrated unusual unity among white supremacists with three different Klan groups, a neo-Nazi group, and members of several racist skinhead groups in attendance.

Another issue disturbing white supremacists is their perception of the way the media covers crime. Extremists believe black on white crime is under-reported compared to white on black crime. This viewpoint was recently compounded following media reports regarding the killing of black men by white police officers, the “black lives matter” movement, and the subsequent civil unrest.

One noteworthy reaction by white supremacist to these media reports has been their support for law enforcement officers, which they have normally withheld. In 2014, at least three Klan members attended an Imperial, Missouri, rally in support of Darren Wilson, the police officer who fatally shot unarmed black robbery suspect Michael Brown in Ferguson.

More surprisingly, due to their long standing cultural disdain for police, a small group of racist skinheads recently demonstrated for a week in May 2015 in support of police in Olympia, Washington, after an officer shot two unarmed black men.

White supremacists are also mimicking the “black lives matter” slogan. Not only did white supremacist leaders of the neo-Nazi National Alliance and Tra­di­tion­al­ist Youth Net­work interrupt a May 2015 “black lives matter” press conference in Cincinnati, but members of the Aryan Renaissance Society distributed “white lives matter” fliers in Rhode Island and Connecticut last month.

White supremacists believe that American society is espousing an anti-white agenda that promotes diversity and integration in order to insure that whites become a minority. In reaction, they have declared that the days of fence sitting are over and are calling for whites to fight against the so-called destruction of the white race.