Campus Leaders Mission to Israel

ADL’s Campus Leaders Mission provides student leaders with a firsthand perspective of Israel by meeting with the culturally diverse population, engaging with its vibrant society, learning about the strategic and social challenges facing Israel today, and touring the historically and geographically significant land.


Qualified applicants must be college freshman, sophomore, juniors or seniors who are leaders on their college/university campus through political involvement, student activism, or editors of the campus newspaper. Students must have an excellent academic record, an inquisitive mind, and be interested in learning about Israel and the issues it faces in the Middle East. Students who have previously visited Israel are not eligible.

Prior to the trip

Students will be given reading materials and participate in conference calls to discuss the history, current realities, the people of Israel and the issues facing this area of the global community. Students will be expected to read through these materials to ensure that they are fully prepared for the mission.

In Israel

Mission participants will meet with decision-makers, government and military officials, diplomats, journalists, students, and ordinary Israelis - Arab and Jewish - from diverse communities, cultures, and backgrounds. Participants will visit key places of historical, religious, and contemporary interest. Travel will be on our own private bus. Participants will engage in a considerable amount of walking and some wilderness hiking that may be physically challenging.

Following the Trip

On their return to campus in the fall, mission participants have an opportunity to take what they have learned back to their campus communities. This will take various forms depending on the campus climate and each student’s leadership role on campus. ADL will offer assistance in this process by providing speakers and programmatic support. Each participant will be required to write an article or reflection on the mission to be submitted to ADL.

“By meeting various journalists, lecturers, diplomats, and distinguished individuals, I was able to gain a firsthand perspective on the current state of Israel; one that consists of more questions than answers, more heroic people than villains, and more love than despair.” —Sophomore, University of California Santa Cruz

To learn more about ADL's Campus Leaders Mission to Israel, contact your ADL Regional office or email us.