Challenging Anti-Immigrant Bias in Schools and Society

Anti-Immigrant Bias

Challenging Anti-immigrant Bias in Schools and Society

Join ADL and Re-imagining Migration at a unique online summit for educators where we’ll share stories, resources and promising practices for creating a more welcoming classroom for immigrant-origin students.

ADL and Re-imagining Migration are coming together with a mutual commitment to reduce polarization and the bias experienced by immigrant-origin students and their families. Research tells us that anti-immigrant bias is prevalent and has a profoundly negative impact. Twenty-six percent of students in U.S. schools are immigrants or the children of immigrants. And 60% of administrators report anti-immigrant incidents in their schools.


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Online Summit for Educators

July 19-22, 2021


This free summit is designed to bring together educators who are committed to challenging anti-immigrant bias by responding to these essential questions: What can we learn about our humanity from sharing our migration stories? What is anti-immigrant bias? How do you challenge anti-immigrant bias across the curriculum? What support, strategies and skills do you need to be a changemaker in your school?

Educators will have a choice each day of convenient self-paced, asynchronous online learning sessions, online exhibit rooms with resources as well as opportunities to engage with experts and learn from each other. We encourage those who enroll to commit to 1–2 hours each day.

Webinar Series

In conjunction with the summit, we’re offering a series of webinars that address anti-immigrant bias through research, historical lessons and children’s literature (open to summit participants as well as the public).

Challenging Anti-Immigrant Bias in Schools

July 20, 2021  |  4–5 PM ET

From the many stories shared person-to-person and online, survey data, incident reports and the daily news, we know that anti-immigrant bias is on the rise in schools and society. Join Luma Mufleh, CEO and Founding Director of Fugees Family, Inc. and other panelists to learn about the data and explore promising practices for creating more welcoming and inclusive learning environments for students who are immigrants and for challenging anti-immigrant bias.

Challenging Anti-Immigrant Bias with History

July 21, 2021  |  4–5 PM ET

Join historian Erika Lee, author of America for Americans, for an examination of anti-immigrant bias past and present. In our current climate, voices that were once on the fringe have become mainstream in our political discourse. As educators, we know that immigrant children and their citizen peers internalize and act upon the messages they take in. What do all of us need to know about our collective past to understand and respond to anti-immigrant bias today?

Using Children's Literature to Foster Empathy and Challenge Anti-Immigrant Bias

July 22, 2021  |  4–5 PM ET

Children and young adult literature is a compelling entry point for helping young people learn more about people who are immigrants, the immigration experience and how to challenge anti-immigrant bias. There is an abundance of children's literature that explores these themes in poignant and important ways. Join Areli Morales, author of Areli is a Dreamer, and other panelists for a conversation about how to use children's literature to help young people build empathy and feel empowered to address anti-immigrant bias in schools and society.