Civics Education

Civics Education

Civics Education

Informed and active civic participation by young people
matters – now, more than ever.

ADL’s new civics curriculum, Strengthening Our Democracy: Civic Participation in the 21st Century, frames civic learning with ADL’s principles for anti-bias education and our history as a civil rights organization. With a focus on six civic themes — A Civic Mindset, Strengthening Democracy, Power and Privilege, Social Justice and Civil Rights, Identity and Membership, and Media Literacy — the curriculum encourages every student to find their voice and deepen their participation in government and society by understanding the biases that perpetuate social injustice. In addition to lesson plans, our partnership with Bites Media provides students with access to news stories based on journalistic standards and presented with an explicit connection between current events and why they matter to democracy and citizenship.

Summer 2020 Preview

Explore and download a selection of lessons from our curriculum at Bites Media, a news platform for middle and high school students, where ADL’s civics lessons are linked to interactive multimedia news articles curated by Bites Media according to journalistic standards.

Coming in Fall 2020

Our complete civics curriculum, with more than 80 lesson plans, will be available for educators to use as a semester-long curriculum or as a complement to other content, as well as 20 online lessons at Bites Media. We will also offer student-facing activities on Sutori and professional learning resources for educators.

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