ADL Corporate Partners Against Hate

Our purpose: America’s key corporations can now partner with ADL—the world’s leading organization fighting bias—to reject hate across the country.

How it works:

Corporate Partners Against Hate

This Partnership brings over 100 years of ADL’s expertise in combating anti-Semitism, bigotry and bullying together with the skills, resources and reach of the nation’s top companies to lead the way in building more respectful, inclusive workplaces and communities.

This is a timely collaboration to help people hear each other, solve problems cooperatively and rededicate themselves to this country’s deepest democratic principles.

Our corporate partners demonstrate their dedication with a badge displayed on their websites and at their facilities, designating their participation in the Partnership.

ADL’s Impact on fighting hate in a fast-changing world.

ADL’s Impact on fighting hate in a fast-changing world


Just what I expected—a solid understanding of bias and how to use the tools from ADL to combat that.’
— Participant, ADL Corporate Partners Training

‘People sharing thoughts and ideas that are different from my own.’
— Participant, ADL Corporate Partners Training

‘Eye-opening about my own bias and the realization that everyone has it.’
— Participant, ADL Corporate Partners Training

Your Company will Receive:


• ADL CORPORATE PARTNERS AGAINST HATE badge clearly identifying your company as a place that rejects hate
• Marketing opportunity to link to the ADL website promoting this partnership
• Logo placement and recognition on selected ADL materials

Workplace Seminars

• ADL Resources
• Customized private speaking engagements
• Employee programming opportunities via webinar or in-person facilitator

CEO Circle

• Annual Corporate Partners Breakfast bringing together CEOs from fellow Corporate Partners with ADL’s CEO Jonathan Greenblatt
• Select invitations to dignitary meetings, events and briefings throughout the year

Minimum donation to participate: $50,000

Above benefits are in addition to local recognition programs

For additional information please contact: Beth Katznelson, Director, National Industry Partnerships & Corporate Giving,