ADL Launches Corporate Partners Against Hate

Corporate Partners Against Hate


America’s leading corporations are invited to stand up against hate as partners with ADL — together rejecting hate across the country. This timely collaboration will foster a culture of acceptance, compassion and unity amongst and within our communities and workplaces.

Branding/Visibility Opportunities

  •  All participating companies to receive an “ADL Corporate Partners Against Hate” logo/badge for their websites, clearly identifying their company as a place that rejects hate.
  • This logo/badge will provide a cross-marketing opportunity linking:
    • Each participating company to the ADL website promoting partnership (new landing page with explanation of initiative, list of participants, event information, etc.)
    •  The ADL website back to the company’s website e.g., corporate social responsibility section
  •  ADL communications/public relations support
  •  Logo placement and recognition on select ADL materials, e.g., event journals, social media across ADL’s 26 regions

Internal Employee Education Opportunities

  • Tailored educational materials
  • Customized private speaking engagements
  • Employee programming opportunities, topics to include:
    •  Law enforcement
    • Security
    • Cyber-security
    • Anti-bias training

CEO Circle

Chief Executives of participating companies invited to join ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt for an Annual Corporate Partners Breakfast in addition to select invitations to dignitary meetings, events and briefings throughout the year.

Min. Donation to Participate $50K

Above is in addition to local recognition programs

For more information, contact 212-885-7885