Fighting Antisemitism in the Workplace

Workplace Culture

Workplace culture plays a vital role in shaping the conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion.  By addressing antisemitism, organizations promote a sense of security for all employees, improve productivity, company culture and increase talent retention.

Corporations have a powerful platform from which to effect change on the national and global scale. Join ADL in the fight against antisemitism by taking these three actions:

Here’s what you can do:

1. Educate

Educate your organization on antisemitism as part of your workplace education or diversity and sensitivity training.

Inclusion of antisemitism into your DEI curriculum ensures all employees understand the roots of antisemitism, what it looks like today, and how to include this awareness in the workplace.

Resource: “Stand Up Against Antisemtism In The Workplace: Why Addressing Jewish Concerns As Part Of DEI Is Essential, Now More Than Ever”

2. Support

Create or better support a Jewish Employee Resource Group (ERG) within your organization.

Jewish ERGs provide a proactive forum to talk about antisemitism and create an open line of communication within the workplace.

Resource: “ERGs – Forums For Success”

3. Review

Review your policies on religious observances so that people of all religions or no religion do not have to choose between their convictions and their faith.
Policies that accommodate workers of minority faiths or no faith promote a greater sense of acceptance in the workplace as well as greater productivity and talent retention.

Resource:  “Religious Accommodation In The Workplace”