Deputy Inspector Mark Molinari

Commanding Officer, Hate Crimes Task Force, New York Police Department
Molinari headshot

Mark Molinari is proud to be the Commanding officer of the NYPDs Hate Crime Task Force. He has had 23 years with the NYPD, over 10 years in the executive ranks. During that time, Molinari spent 5 years running patrol precincts and commands, 4 and ½ years in Special Victims, supervising cases of sexual assault and child abuse. He has been the CO of Hate Crimes Task Force for almost 2 years. In addition, he received a department scholarship for his Masters Degree in Homeland Security from the Naval Postgraduate School.

In the Hate Crimes Task Force, there are 18 Detectives and 5 Supervisors responsible for all 5 boroughs’ hate crime cases. The Hate Crimes Task Force investigates and apprehends perpetrators of hate crimes. They are the largest dedicated law enforcement unit for hate crime investigation in the nation. The Hate Crimes Task Force is also responsible for the statistical data delivered by the Mayor and Commissioner.